Aqualung Shot FX Fins Strap



Aqualung Shot FX Fins Strap

Categories : Fins / Boots Brands Aqualung

Brand : Aqualung


Aqualung Shot FX Fins Strap


- Easy to put on and take off the fins, even with gloves
-maximum comfort: Fersenband made of soft TPR
with integrated plastic buckles: Easy to mount the fins
-Material: stainless steel nib
-One size fits all-easily Flossengrößen
on every FIN Aqua Lung be mounted

settings Fersenbandes

Step 1: middle of the press Aqua Lung Logo.
Step 2: put in the spring and breed them from Fersenband to the Machanismus stoppt.
Step 3: place the nib on the desired Position and then put them back in the Fersenband.

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