XDEEP Straight D-Ring (6mm Thick)


SKU : HA-009-0

XDEEP Straight D-Ring (6mm Thick)

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XDEEP Straight D-Ring (6mm Thick)


Flat heavy duty D-rings made from marine grade 6mm stainless steel.
Used for fixing scuba sidemount tanks or accessories to BCD webbing, these D-rings are strong enough for carrying heavy loads or connecting a diver to their DPV.

The D-ring is made to fit over 50mm (2″) webbing, as used for most technical diving harnesses.

Use a smooth tri-glide to hold the D-ring in place with the ability to reposition, or a serrated tri-glide really prevent slipping.

Flat D-rings have the benefit of being able to folded flat against the webbing when not required.