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The Deep Environmental Educational Program (DEEP) is a marine science program that integrates scuba training and scientific applications. DEEP was created by Thai Ocean Academy (TOCO) in partnership with marine scientists from Aow Thai Marine Ecology Center (ATMEC). DEEP strives to instill a refined understanding and passion for the marine environment from a young age, as early as 10 years old. The goal of the program is to educate students through an in-house developed curriculum by partner marine biologists, setting the bar for marine education worldwide.

By exposing students to broad experiences in the marine environment, ranging from reef monitoring to coral spawning and more, DEEP acts as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the natural world. Led by well-established scientists, conservationists, and leaders in the SCUBA diving world, our collaboration provides a unique recipe of skills and education to support the development of any curious mind.

The Program is split into 6 levels, ranging from levels 0-5

There are two components collaborating with each certified level: the ocean program and the classroom program
  • Ocean Program: training and development of scuba skills in the ocean, usually over a 2-day period
  • Classroom Program: a total of 60 weeks of content based on Marine Science - each DEEP ocean level corresponds to a discipline


DEEP LEVELOcean DisciplineClassroom Discipline
0Open Water 20 / Explorer 30Foundation
1Early ResearchA Home for Life
2Artificial Reef & Coral ConservationEnergy & Competition
3Reef Ecology 101Marine Habitats
4Modern Day ExplorersEnvironmental Monitoring
5Advance LearningHuman Influences



Find out about what we learn!

How to get involved, and how far you can take it starts with understanding the process. From DEEP Level 0 to DEEP Level 5 and beyond. The Ins and outs of each level will be explained and how to progress to get there!

Book Your Training Here

See our Schedule over the next 6 months and message to book your training. Find out what levels will be trained and where. There will also be special trips to various locations in Thailand that you can join onto!


It takes a village to raise a Marine Warrior

DEEP would not be possible without the help and support of all the people involved. See who it is that you will be partnering with and how you can help more to support the various initiatives aimed at Marine protection and education across Thailand.
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