XDEEP Zeos Standard BCD Set



XDEEP Zeos Standard BCD Set

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XDEEP Zeos Standard BCD Set


XDeep's true classic wing combined with all the comforts of a padded DIR harness. The Zeos is a true classic design to promote a wing to meet all divers needs. The build quality is second to none with a focus on streamlining and trim. The harness is minimalist in its qualities, while reinforced with shoulder and back padding for extra comfort while moving around the shore or boat. The 38lbs lift is the optimum size for this diving standard 12l tanks in warm water or other diving cold waters with 25l steels. You can never go wrong with a Zeos 28/ 38 Comfort Set. Weight pockets may be added.


Aluminum / Stainless Steel

Weight Pocket Sizes Available:

• S-size (2x2 kg)
• M-size (2x3 kg)
• L-size (2x6 kg)
Wing Size:

• 28lbs ( 13Kg)

• 38 lbs ( 17kg)