XDeep Frameless Mask



While no mask can fit everyone perfectly, ours comes pretty close. A superbly soft inner skirt moulds itself to your face, achieving a close and comfortable fit.


แบรนด์ : XDEEP


XDeep Frameless Mask



+20% more filed of view compared to competitors
special blend of silicone creates very comfortable feel for your face even during long dives
very durable frameless construction and low profile, small, lightweight and easy to pack when traveling
strong head band strap, quality parts ensuring long life of a product
easy to clean, maintain and store
XDEEP Mask features super soft silicone with meshy feel which makes it most comfortable mask on the market, redesigned and enlarged nose area and wide filed of view its only the beginning. XDEEP mask is designed throughout for maximum comfort, durability and unmatched performance.