PSI Seahood 2mm



PSI Seahood 2mm


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PSI Seahood 2mm


Our PSI Seahood will minimize heat loss from the head area, so if you tend to get cold after a time at depth there’s no better fix than to add a hood to your dive suit. Our new 2mm diving Hood is made of quality Neoprene for maximum flexibility and durability. The PSI Seahood 2mm is the perfect addition for extended warm-water dives.

Features :

2 mm neoprene thickness
Face area left unbound to allow for trimming
Durable flatlock construction
For moderate warmth and maximum comfort
Packaged in polybag with display hook and insert card
Why do you need a diving hood?

Regardless of whether you dive in warm or cold water, you’ll probably want to wear a hood when you’re scuba diving. It is estimated that 20% to 40% of a scuba diver’s body heat escapes through his or her head.