PSI Seacap 2mm



PSI Seacap 2mm


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PSI Seacap 2mm


Diving Cap hoods minimize heat loss from the head area, so if you tend to get cold after a time at depth there’s no better fix than to add a hood to your dive suit. our new Seacap 2mm is made of 100% Neoprene for maximum flexibility and durability. It is a light accessory and a  perfect addition for extended warm-water dives.


Easy Drying – A built-in loop allows easy, drip-dry storage
Easy On/Off – The hook-and-loop closure at the side of the neck makes the hood easy to put on and take off
Neoprene: – 2mm neoprene makes this the perfect cap for warm water diving
Strong Seams – Flatlock stitching provides excellent seam strength and durability


Neoprene Thickness: 2mm
Neoprene Stretch: Standard
Chin Strap: Yes
Stitching: Flatlock
Hanging Loop: Yes
Weight: 0.2 Kilo / 0.3lbs