PSI Nautilus Foldable Snorkel



PSI Nautilus Foldable Snorkel


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PSI Nautilus Foldable Snorkel


The PSI Prodive Nautilus Foldable snorkel rolls up and can be carried in a BC pocket or hung from a D-ring. The snorkel deploys in a snap, making it the most travel-friendly snorkel ever.

You know you’re supposed to have one, but most scuba divers find a heavy, rigid plastic snorkel to be a drag on diving comfort. Therefore the PSI Prodive Nautilus Snorkel is the solution.

This product is designed to be carried rolled up in your buoyancy vest pocket and only removed when required.

Snorkel Features :

Design for BCD pocket
Easily snaps to its original shape when unrolled
Food grade silicone made, safe to use.
Different colors. Easy to match with your diving masks or fins.