OMS Stainless Steel weight belt buckle


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OMS Stainless Steel weight belt buckle

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OMS Stainless Steel weight belt buckle


OMS Anodized Aluminum Weight Belt Buckle offers a durable product while also being extremely lightweight and corrosive resistant. The buckle is anodized (coated with a protective oxide layer) which increases resistance to corrosion and wear. This process also adds the darker color to them which is simply aesthetic but also reduces glare for photographers when YOU are the subject. This buckle performs the exact same function as the stainless steel option but weighs less which makes it great for travel or for smaller divers when overall gear weight may be an issue. Designed with the traditional 3-slot openings on the back for attaching to standard 2" webbing.


Compatible with any 2" wide webbing material
Heavy-duty pinned hinge design made from lightweight aluminum
Incorporates three slot design for weight belts and harness waist belts
Suitable for marine applications