Atmos Mission 2 Dive Computer



Atmos Mission 2 Dive Computer


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Atmos Mission 2 Dive Computer


A New Level of Personal Discovery with these great features
- Sapphire crystal lens
- 1.2″, Sunlight-visible, Hi-res Color Display
- Auto-on and constant backlight on dive


Hear, See, and Feel the alarms
- With Vibration, Visual, and Audible alarms, you’ll never miss your safety or deco stops; you’ll always be warned of ascending too quickly; and you’ll always know when you’ve reached your customized Depth and Time limits.


Meets all your diving needs
- Super intuitive user interface
- Scuba Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes
- Freediving mode (Multiple Ascent & descent notify)
- New! Freediving Pool mode
- Gauge mode (Bottom Timer)
- Mark GPS coordinates & dive spot guidance


Sport and Health
- Multisport: Running, Swimming, Biking, Skiing
- Health: Heart rate, Step counter, Calories calculation, Sleep monitoring
- Built in Altimeter, Compass
- Weather & Tidal (App required)