Tecline R2 TEC1 Regulator Set



Tecline R2 TEC1 Regulator Set


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Tecline R2 TEC1 Regulator Set 


The Tecline R2 TEC1 is a high-performance regulator available at a very reasonable price. It features a diaphragm and balanced first stage, and comes with four low pressure (LP) ports and an adjustable, balanced second stage. The R2 series regulators are known for their excellent performance, which has been confirmed both in real-world use and through testing at the Naval Academy’s research lab in Gdynia. All ScubaTech regulators have received the CE 1463 certification, ensuring they meet the EN 250 standard for diving in cold waters. The R2 series regulators are designed to have very low breathing resistance, which makes breathing easier and reduces air consumption.


The set consists of:

- 1st stage R2 TEC
- 2nd stage TEC1
- 2nd stage TEC1 OCTO SPG 63 mm
- Hoses: LP 0,70m Proflex black – LP 0,90m Proflex yellow – HP 0,80m rubber black
- Tecline bag