OMS IQ Lite CB BCD Systems



OMS IQ Lite CB BCD Systems

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OMS IQ Lite CB BCD Systems


The OMS IQ Lite Cummerbund (CB) Signature System is a complete package for easy, fun and safe diving! And not only if your diving adventure takes deeper and longer, just add a backplate and an OMS Double Tank Wing and you are diving almost anywhere in the world.

The ultra-light, comfortable OMS IQ Lite (CB) system weighs only 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs and can easily be carried with you in your hand luggage when traveling. The harness has the new vertical weight ballast system with removable D-rings! The system is supplied with a selection of different colors and sizes of the OMS Performance Mono Wing and two cambands with plastic handles.

The OMS IQ Lite (CB) system is a carrying system that is an alternative to the traditional heavy back plate - not only when traveling. In addition to two shoulder straps and shoulder pads, the OMS IQ Lite Cummerbund (CB) system also has a cummerbund with Velcro for additional comfort. This cummerbund is a special protection between the belt buckle and the body of the diver. Especially for divers who do not wear a diving suit or only a thin shorty, this is an ideal accessory for more comfort.

The system is available in different sizes so that it can be perfectly adapted to all shapes and sizes of divers. The new vertical ballast bags have removable D-rings for the right and left pockets, depending on the needs of the diver. The bags hold 2.7 kg - 6 lbs (total: 5.4 kg - 12 lbs).