OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fin



OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fin


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OMS Slipstream Monoprene Fin


The Slipstream Monoprene fins are in the water neutral buoyant. The metal heel strap makes it easy to put your fin on or off. Due to the reduced weight these fins are perfect for traveling but has the same propulsion as the heavy version.

OMS added more sizes. Now you can select size M up to XXL.

Due to neutral buoyancy it is easy to keep the perfect trim when you are using dry suit or wet suit.

Slipstream Monoprene Fins.

High quality Monoprene™
Perfect propulsion
Metal heel strap
Due to light weight it provents divers to get a cramp.
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXL
Weight for a pair in size XL 5,3 lb (~2,4 kg).
Colour: Black