Tecline Light Travel Set Donut 15 BCD



Tecline Light Travel Set Donut 15 BCD


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Tecline Light Travel Set Donut 15 BCD


The Tecline Light Travel Set Donut 15 BCD is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast. This comprehensive set includes a Donut 15 wing, Comfort harness, aluminum backplate, trim and weight pockets and tank belts, all designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience.

With its lightweight design, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor adventures with ease. Ideal for both novice and experienced divers, the Tecline Light Travel Set ensures you have everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable diving experience.


Key Features:
- Double layer wing of 15L capacity (35lb/147N)
- The oval shape makes it easy to operate in any position, allowing free airflow
- Strong and soft outer shell made of special, dirt-repellent Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon – resistant to mechanical damages
- The inner bladder made of Nylon 840 with increased resistance to aging and cracking
- High-quality 40 cm long inflator and 55 cm Proflex IFLP hose
- The inflator is led out on the left side of the wing so that it does not interfere with the cylinder, and the inflator’s elbow is reinforced with a wide band loop
- Wing equipped with one low-profile valve with a small, clearly visible red ball and special holes to facilitate gas dumping
- Harness with fixed or movable D-rings


Donut Wings Specifications:
- Built-in adapter for single tank
- Capacity 15L
- Double layer (inner bladder made of PU-240 and outer shell made of durable Cordura)
- Inflator with inflation hose included
- Rear dump valve
- Slots for tank bands
- 5-year warranty      

Set Components:
- Tecline Donut 15 Wing
- Comfort harness
- 2 tank bands