Tecline Sidemount BCD Avenger SIDE16


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Tecline Sidemount BCD Avenger SIDE16

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Tecline Sidemount BCD Avenger SIDE16


Sidemount diving has gained significant popularity among recreational divers, leading to an increased demand for user-friendly sidemount buoyancy compensators. The Tecline Side16 BCD is meticulously crafted to meet the essential needs of beginners and recreational sidemount divers. Every component of this BCD is designed for easy configuration and adjustment, ensuring intuitive use both underwater and during training sessions.

The Tecline Sidemount BCD Avenger Side16 serves as the cornerstone of sidemount diving systems, providing streamlined comfort and stability in aquatic environments. Engineered to accommodate multiple tanks along the diver’s sides, sidemount BCDs offer precise buoyancy control and trim, enabling divers to effortlessly maintain a horizontal position while conserving energy and air.

Perfectly suited for cave and recreational diving, the Tecline Sidemount BCD Kit is CE EN1809 and CE1463 certified, ensuring adherence to rigorous safety standards. This kit stands out as one of the easiest on the market to configure and adjust, featuring separately adjustable shoulder belts and/or ventral belts for effortless customization. The integrated wing and harness design create a seamless, user-friendly system ideal for both learning and advanced dives alike.



- Buoyancy: 16kg/35 lbs
- DIR Harness: Preserves the purity of the configuration
- Ballast Capacity: Up to 19 kg
- Additional Ballast Pockets: 2 sets available in 2 sizes (2 kg and 4.5 kg each)
- Integrated Ballast Pockets: 4 pockets (10kg total) positioned slightly outwardly and below for optimal load distribution
- Abdominal Belt Ballast Pockets: Assist with dry suit diving by placing extra weight towards the lower body
- Pressure Relief Valve: Strategically located on the lower back for easy gas release in horizontal or upside-down positions
- Low Profile Design: Reduces resistance and minimizes the risk of entanglement
- Inflator Placement: Can be positioned on the left or right side
- Detachable Beaver Tail: Allows attachment of heavier steel cylinders and accessories
- Integrated Weight System: Includes both internal and external weight pockets on the waist belt, with a total capacity of 16 kg
- Adjustability: Waist and chest belts, as well as a crotch strap, are fully adjustable
- D-Rings: 5 stainless steel D-rings provided, with movable options on the waist belt
- Inflator Type: K-type inflator (33 cm/13’’), with the flexibility to mount the inflator and quick dump valve on either side
- Integrated Shoulder Pads: Enhance comfort during extended dives
- Material: Constructed from Cordura 1000D for durability
- Ready-to-Use: Comes complete with all necessary hardware and bungees for immediate use