Aqualung Superlow Half Boot 3mm



Aqualung Superlow Half Boot 3mm


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Aqualung Superlow Half Boot 3mm


The ideal warm water dive boot, Superlow Boots are made from as few seams as possible, strategically placed away from the foot’s widest areas to decrease chafing. Fewer seams don’t mean less protection, as these boots are designed to prevent excess water retention and come with a treaded sole that keeps your feet from getting punctured or stung in and out of the water.


Ergonomic: Like the rest of the Aqualung boot line, the Superlow uses our patented, anatomically correct ERGO™ shaped footbed and outsole to match the profile of your foot, preventing excess water retention and offering comfortable support.
Protective: 8mm-thick treaded sole provides premium protection against punctures, stings, and slips. For added protection and durability, the panels on the heel cap, toe, and top of the foot are twice as thick as standard boots.
Warm: 3mm neoprene upper for the right amount of warmth and protection
Comfortable: The Superlow boot uses just a few seams, which are placed away from the widest parts of the feet to minimize chafing.
Eco-Conscious Packaging: Ships with minimal carbon footprint packaging. No plastic bags