Explore Thailand's Underwater World with Thai Ocean Academy
Explore Thailand's Underwater World with Thai Ocean Academy
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Bangkok Shop | Gateway Ekamai (BTS Ekamai Exit 4)

- Dive courses

- Dive trips (Day trips & Liveaboard)

- Dive equipment for every brand you're interested in

- RAID Dive Center

Koh Chang | Bangbao Village

- Dive courses

- Dive trips (Day trips)

- SSI Dive Center, RAID Dive Center

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Exciting Dive Courses

Open Water Certification: Begin your underwater adventure with confidence.

Advanced Open Water Certification: Enhance your skills and explore deeper waters.

Nitrox Certification: Dive longer and safer with enriched air.

EFR (Emergency First Response): Master essential first aid skills.

Rescue Diver Certification: Gain the knowledge to assist others and handle emergencies.

Dive Master Certification: Start your professional diving journey.

Dive Instructor Program: Train to inspire and teach new divers.


Explore Thailand's Top Dive Spots with Our Weekend Trips

Join us every weekend for exciting dives at Thailand's best locations, including Samaesarn, Pattaya, Rayong, and Koh Chang. Perfect for both beginners and experienced divers, our trips offer unforgettable underwater adventures.

Weekend Dive Trips

Samaesarn, Pattaya, Rayong: Discover the beauty of these dive sites on our weekend trips. Check our schedule and dive into adventure.

Koh Chang Dive Adventures

  • Dive Boat Day Trips: Explore Koh Chang's underwater world with our dive boat day trips. Free taxi service from all Koh Chang hotels included.
  • Transportation Services: We arrange hassle-free transportation to Koh Chang from the mainland or other islands for a smooth diving experience.

Bangkok Scuba Diving Connection

While you can't dive in Bangkok itself, our trips make it easy to reach top dive spots from the city. Join us from Bangkok to dive at Samaesarn, Pattaya, Rayong, and Koh Chang. Escape the city and dive into adventure with our convenient weekend trips.

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18-22 FEBRUARY 2022 North Andaman Liveaboard

Photo Gallery & VDO , 1849 Views

Hardeep, Hin Luk Baat, San Chalam Jan 7 2023

Photo Gallery & VDO , 1961 Views

Koh Chang New years 2022

Photo Gallery & VDO , 2228 Views

Pattaya November 9-10th

Photo Gallery & VDO , 2782 Views

HTMS Petra, Rayong 29-30 October

Photo Gallery & VDO , 1437 Views

Dive Equipment

We stock a wide range of scuba diving equipment in our Bangkok shop. However, not every product listed on our website is currently in stock.

If you're interested in a specific product, please let us know. We'll check availability and arrange to get it from the official distributor for you.

Logos of top brands


Experience the thrill of scuba diving just a short trip from Bangkok. Although there are no dive sites within the city, you can easily reach some of Thailand's best diving spots with a short journey to Pattaya or Samae San.

If you've ever dreamed of exploring the underwater world but felt intimidated by the idea of scuba diving, a "Try Dive" might be just what you need. This beginner-friendly experience offers a perfect introduction to the wonders of the ocean without requiring any prior experience or certification. Let's dive into what a Try Dive is and why it's the ideal way to dip your toes into scuba diving.

Scuba diving opens up a world of breathtaking underwater beauty, but motion sickness can quickly turn this adventure into a nightmare. Ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable dive often starts with taking the right precautions, including a seasick pill. Heres why taking a seasick pill before scuba diving is crucial and how it can significantly enhance your diving experience.

Thailand's coastal beauty extends beyond Pattaya, offering incredible scuba diving experiences in Rayong and Samaesarn. These destinations are perfect for divers seeking vibrant marine life, crystal-clear waters, and diverse underwater landscapes. Discover why Rayong and Samaesarn should be on your list for your next diving adventure.

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