The DECO 60 course is a natural progression for anyone certified at the DECO 50 level and allows divers to use two optimised decompression gases to a maximum of 60 metres/200 feet. Decompression obligations are limited only by the amount of gas carried by the diver.


          Divers certify to use Normoxic Trimix with a minimum oxygen contend of 18%. Helium is based on a 30 metre/100 foot EAD/END. DECO 60 divers may use up to 100% oxygen for optimised decompression schedules.


          The program may be completed wearing back mount twin set cylinders of for those qualified as sidemount divers, in sidemount configuration.


          The program expands on the knowledge learned and the skills mastered in the DECO 50 program. The program contains the very latest techniques, protocols and technical information. The manuals use the latest graphics and are both exciting and challenging. There are three manuals that cover all the essentials for the program, they are:
          • Diving in General
          • Confined Water
          • Open Water




The main focus of the Deco 60 course will introduce the use of higher  mixtures of helium and the associated planning that comes with using  multiple gas mixes during technical dives. As with all RAID courses  your best source of information is your instructor, and they will train  and guide you through the process to attaining mastery of all skills  and theory.


5 Days

Day 1

Classroom , Theory , Review Quiz , Training Skill Technique

Day 2

GENERAL DIVING SKILLS , Side Mount , Twinset 

Day 3 / Dive  1-3

Dive 1 Minimum Depth 20 metres/ 66 ft
Max Depth 30metres/ 100 ft
Simulated Deco min- 20 minutes of planned simulated decompression stops..
Dive 2 Minimum Depth 35 metres/ 115 feet
Max Depth 40 metres/ 130 feet.
Minimum of 15 minutes and maximum 30 minutes of planned decompression stops.

Dive 3 Open Water – Minimum Depth 40 metres/130 feet
Max Depth 50 metres/165 feet
Minimum of 20 minutes and maximum 60 minutes of planned

decompression stops.

Day 4 / Dive 4-5

Dive 4  Open Water – Minimum Depth 45 metres/ 145 ft - Max Depth 60 metres/200 feet. 
Minimum of 30 minutes and maximum 60 minutes of planned decompression stops.
In addition to the General Diving Skills students must also display mastery.
Dive 5   Open Water – Minimum Depth 52 metres/ 170 ft - Max Depth 60 metres/ 200 ft
Minimum of 30 minutes and maximum 60 minutes of planned decompression stops.
Completion of a dive plan and implementation, independent of instructor assistance

Number of dives

1 Classroom , 1 Pool Training , 2 Days Ocean Training 


18 years +

Maximum Depths

60 m. + 30  min  DECO 

Reason for Learning

The Deco 60 course builds upon the knowledge and skills from Deco 50. Divers will learn to carry and utilize an additional stage/deco cylinder as well as normoxic trimix to depths of 60 m/200 ft. Advanced dive planning techniques, multiple stage handling and unlimited decompression times are the highlights of this course using normoxic trimix and oxygen mixtures up to 100 percent o2.

Prerequisites for becoming a DECO 60 diver are:

• Be at least 18 years old
• Be certified as a DECO 50 diver or equivalent.
• Have logged 65 hours or 100 dives on open circuit.
• Have logged 10 decompression dives.
• Have logged 20 hours between 30 and 50 metres.

Price included :

- DECO 60 certification
- All dive equipment
- Dive Instructor
- Lunch , Fruit , Soft drink on the boat

Price not included :

- Accommodation
- Transportation (Can be arranged)

How to book :

Please contact Thai Ocean Academy in any channel you prefer

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