Try Dive

The RAID Try Dive program is designed to give you an introduction to SCUBA diving. You will always remember the magic of taking your first breath underwater and that feeling of weightlessness. By either completing the online academics or participating in a presentation given by your RAID Instructor, you will learn essential information to maximize your enjoyment and safety.

Your RAID Try Dive may be conducted in a pool or at an actual dive site, depending on the local conditions. Prior to your dive experience, your RAID Instructor will brief you on the important skills you will learn in the water under the close supervision of your RAID Professional. You will first learn in a controlled confined water experience to get comfortable, then progress to diving with your Instructor in open water.


To become familiar with key pieces of SCUBA equipment and practice some of the essential skills important to all SCUBA divers.


1 day either in the swimming pool or ocean

Day 1

Confined/Open water dive(s)


10 years +

Maximum Depths

12 meters


If your try dive is completed in the ocean, it can count towards one of your Open Water 20 dives.

Reason for Learning

Try the experience... It could be the start of something great!


  • Breathing underwater using the regulator
  • Removing and/or replacing the regulator underwater
  • Clearing your mask of water
  • Checking your air
  • Controlling your buoyancy
  • Equalizing your ears
  • Communicating talking underwater


  • Be physically and mentally fit to dive
  • Be at least 10 years of age (and have parent or guardian consent where appropriate)
  • Complete the RAID registration/administration process either online or using the RAID Registration Form
  • Advise if you are flying or going up mountains within 24 hours of completing this experience
  • Have a sense of adventure!

Price: 2500 THB Net Price for pool / 4000 THB Net Price for ocean

Price includes:

  • Try Dive certification
  • All dive equipment
  • Dive Instructor
  • Lunch, Fruit, Soft drink on the boat

Price does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation (Can be arranged)

How to book:

Please contact Thai Ocean Academy through any channel you prefer.

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