Welcome to your RAID Deep 40 specialty. This course will be an exciting addition to other training you have completed. Your RAID Dive Centre will take you on a journey that will not only increase your skill levels, but will be a fascinating experience that will allow you to enjoy more diving than ever before. The skill sets you will learn are designed not only to increase your diving practical ability, but also with the correct knowledge and safety procedures will allow you to properly plan and execute deep dives.
          This course is not designed to teach you technical diving or decompression diving. It will however; allow you to understand deep diving parameters, depth limitations and contributing factors to planning deep dives. It will also provide an additional step towards further levels of extended range and advanced diver training that you complete do with RAID. 



The Deep 40 course is a no-decompression recreational-level course designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to safely dive with a certified dive buddy to a maximum depth of 40 meters


2 Days

Day 1

Open Water Dives 

Day 2

Open Water Dives

Number of dives

4 Ocean Dives


15 years Old +

Maximum Depths

40 meters

Reason for Learning

When diving deeper it is important to understand how the environment changes, and how these changes can also affect the diver. The Deep 40 course enables you to safely and confidently dive to greater depths



The following are the course objectives

- Be able to plan and execute deep dives to maximum 40m/130ft
- Be able to perform all deep diving skills listed in the Deep 40 Open Water dives
- Be able to plan the following • Gas management • NDL planning • Nitrox Planning • Contingency planning


Price : 12,500 THB Net Price (10,500 THB for groups of 3 or more)


Price included :

- Deep 40 certification
- All dive equipment
- Dive Instructor
- Lunch , Fruit , Soft drink on the boat

Price not included :

- Accommodation
- Transportation (Can be arranged)

How to book :

Please contact Thai Ocean Academy in any channel you prefer



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