OMS Evoque Second Stage (Without Hose)


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OMS Evoque Second Stage (Without Hose)

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OMS Evoque Second Stage



The Evoque Balanced Adjustable Second stage is compact and designed to give superior quality of breathing to any diver.

The balanced diaphragm is securely held down by a ring and inner cover that screws down below the front cover and purge button.

The exhaust has a small hinged door allowing easy access to the diaphragm to clear any debris.

This exhaust used with our Tattoo Mask or similar will allow all the exhaust gas and bubble to pass its side and not in front of the mask.

The adjustment knob has a clutch system when turning clockwise to avoid over torqueing.

Next to the adjustment knob is a large pre dive and dive venturi switch easily adjusted with or without any size glove.

The inner valve is made of stainless steel parts providing excellent breathing in any environment or temperature.

Octopus available with a high visibility yellow colored cover.

Evoque 2nd stage w/o hose.

Evoque Second stage only no hose.


Evoque second stage.

-Balanced second stage.

-Diver Adjustable with clutch to avoid over torqueing.

-Exclusive OMS color Mifelx low pressure hose.

-Access door to clear exhaust diaphragm.

-Large Dive / Pre-dive venture switch easy to use with thick gloves.

-Stainless steel inner valve and lever.

-Secured Diaphragm with plastic ring and screw down deflector cover.

-Large Purge button with dual material construction.

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