Hollis SMB With Sling Pouch


SKU : 208.2022.03

Hollis SMB With Sling Pouch

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Brand : Hollis


Hollis SMB With Sling Pouch


• 180 cm long SMB by either using the oral inflator, the low pressure inflator hose connector or by using self sealing opening. The SMB will automatically close the opening as pressure builds up inside the buoy to prevent the buoy from deflating once it reaches the surface.
• Self-sealing and can be deployed as a delayed / decompression marker or orally inflated before a dive to provide positioning throughout the dive.
• Fitted with a pull dump for deflation which also acts to prevent over pressurization if the Hollis Surface Marker Buoy w/ Sling Pouch (SMB) is deployed from depth.
• The self sealing opening allows easy inflation from an air source such as an octopus and with the new brass fitting the oral inflation will also accept a range of inflator hose connections using a push to inflate technique.
• Durable 300-D Polyester

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