Deep 6 Eddy Open Heel Fins



Deep 6 Eddy Open Heel Fins



Categories : Fins / Boots Brands Deep 6

Brand : DEEP SIX


Deep 6 Eddy Open Heel Fins



- Ported blade flipper design

- Spring straps

- Lightweight for travel

- Stiff and powerful

- Close to neutral in water


Orange may be the new black, but we like options.  So, now you can have it all!  The Eddy incorporates all the best characteristics of various scuba diving flippers into one.  It starts with a blade design including ports to allow for better propulsion and a foot pocket that is actually designed to fit a human foot wearing wetsuit or drysuit boots with a comfortable strap.

The perfect design deserves a perfect material.  The eddy flippers are molded with a XXX material to ensure they're the right stiffness for maximum power, lightweight enough for travel, and really comfortable to dive.
A note on the material:  The S/M comes in a similar polymer material, just with a bit more flex to make the flippers a bit softer.  All other sizes comes in the standard flex material. 

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