TECLINE Sidemount Regulator Set R2 TEC1


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TECLINE Sidemount Regulator Set R2 TEC1

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Brand : Tecline


TECLINE Sidemount Regulator Set R2 TEC1


The Techline Sidemount Regulator Set R2/TEC1 is the ultimate choice tailored for sidemount divers seeking reliability, comfort and customization. Engineered for exploration in caves or shipwrecks, this set ensures an exceptional underwater experience.

Designed to meet EN250A standards, the R2 TEC1 Side Mount Set offers excellent reliability and ease of use. With straightforward installation and advanced features, it guarantees top-notch performance. Built to endure, this regulator set is a long-term investment in diving excellence. For a dependable and user-friendly diving companion, choose the R2 TEC1 Side Mount Set – EN250A.


Key Features:

Durable Construction: Made from corrosion-resistant materials for long-lasting reliability.
Ergonomic Design: Swivel hose connections and comfortable mouthpieces reduce jaw fatigue.
Seamless Integration: Compact and lightweight stages with flexible hose routing maximize mobility and minimize drag.
Versatility: Perfect for exploring caves, wrecks, or coral reefs, the TECLINE Sidemount Set R2/TEC1 offers advanced engineering and user-friendly design for both novice and experienced divers. The Tecline Sidemount Regulator Set is CE approved EN250A sidemount kit specifically for this type of diving.


Why Choose the TECLINE Sidemount Regulator Set R2/TEC1?

Reliability: Dependable performance for every dive.
Efficiency: Easy installation and intuitive use.
Comfort: Ergonomic features for extended diving sessions.
Versatility: Ideal for various diving environments and styles.
Join the ranks of elite divers who trust Tecline for their diving needs. Experience the Tecline Sidemount Regulator Set and unlock a new level of performance, comfort, and reliability in sidemount diving


The TECLINE Sidemount regulator set consists of:
1st stage R2 TEC x 2
2nd stage TEC1 x 2
SPG 52mm x 2
Hoses:LP 1,93m Proflex black
LP 0,65m Proflex black
2x HP 0,20m
Bolt-snap 88mm
Tecline bag


Technical Features:

First Stage:

Balanced diaphragm design with a swivel turret for enhanced maneuverability.
Equipped with an additional dry chamber and a cold water kit for optimal performance in colder conditions.
Features five low-pressure (LP) ports.
Includes two high-pressure (HP) ports and is compatible with DIN 300 bar systems.
Maximum flow rate at 20 MPa: 3823 l/min.
Intermediate pressure set at 9.5 bar.
Constructed from durable maritime bronze, weighing 730 g.
Suitable for Nitrox mixes up to 40% O2 straight out of the box.
CE 1463 EN 250 certified.


Second Stage:

Utilizes a balanced downstream valve for consistent performance.
Offers venturi regulation and adjustable breathing resistance for personalized comfort.
Boasts low respiratory resistance ranging from 0.983 to 1.004 J/L.
Maximum flow rate at 20 MPa: 850 l/min.
Constructed from lightweight polyamide, weighing 210 g.
Suitable for Nitrox mixes up to 40% O2.
CE 1463 EN 250 certified.

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