Gull Mew Fin



Gull Mew Fin



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Brand : Gull


Gull Mew Fin

All around easy to use fins delivering excellent propulsion. A staple in GULL's lineup, MEW fins continue to uphold their reputation as the go-to full-foot fin for any level of skin and scuba diving. They can be worn bare-footed or with MEW boots.


Rib Shape
The rbs on the Mew are designed wth down kick in mind. At flis tine when power is most easiy converted to propulsion, Mew Fins firmly catch water- Providhg pleasimg response to strong or subtle kicks, they sun a variey of conditions and are loved by both power (fivers and occasional divers, who have different leg

Easy wear Foot Pocket
The frot pocket is formed usü'lg a ttül and Piant libber material rnaü)g the fins easy to put on and take off Even fist-time frll-foot users can get into and out of these fins Rtle effort

Blade Tip Shaped to Catch the water
Firmly catches water from the start to the of kick cycle up to very tip

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